Hello, I'm Fermín

and sometimes people also call me "Ferminius".

I was born in Granada in 1987. I think that living in this city helps a lot to see things differently.

I always liked the world of images and photography, I studied it and then start to working on what for many is a hobby... and I've been doing that since 2007.

I have experience in many photographic fields, but the one I am most passionate about is documentary or "street" photography. I believe that if the face is the mirror of the soul, the street is the mirror of society.


  • Freelance photographer since 2007.
  • Official photographer of Fundación Club Baloncesto Granada (jun. 2013 - now).
  • Official photographer of Festival Internacional de Música y Danza de Granada (jun. 2019 - now).
  • Collaborating photographer for El País (jun. 2018 - now).
  • Photographer in Periódico IDEAL (collaboration and substitutions since mar. 2011 - now).
  • Photographer at Quality Sport Images agency (feb. 2020 - nov. 2023)
  • Collaborating photographer in Associated Press (AP) (sep- 2020 - now).
  • Official photographer of Club Baloncesto Granada (ago. 2010 - jun. 2012).
  • Official photographer of Granada Club de Fútbol (nov. 2012- jun. 2016).
  • Photographer at Periódico online Granada Digital (mar. 2008 - abr. 2011).
  • I have published in various media such as Whasington Post, LA Times, Marca, AS, GranadaHoy, El Correo...